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Monster Manual 1 4e Pdf Download, prophets in islam pdf download

p. Method Not Allowed .. p. 1 monster manual rolepl ay inggamecorerules mike mearls stephen schubert james wyatt [close] . p. p. p. Method Not Allowed .. p.

p. 13 phane level 26 elite controller large immortal magical beast xp 18,000 initiative +23 senses perception +25 darkvision hp 478 bloodied 239 ac 41 fortitude 38 reflex 41 will 38 resist insubstantial saving throws +2 speed 10 fly 10 action points 1 m temporal touch standard at-will reach 2 +29 vs reflex 2d8 10 damage and the target is slowed until the end of the phane s next turn the phane shifts 4 squares before or after making this attack r wizening ray standard at-will ranged 10 +29 vs fortitude 2d6 9 damage and the target is dazed and weakened save ends both aftereffect the target is weakened save ends the target appears elderly until the eff ects of the wizening ray end c wizening tempest standard usable only while the phane is bloodied at-will close burst 1 phanes are immune +29 vs fortitude 2d6 10 damage and the target is stunned save ends aftereffect the target is dazed and weakened save ends both the target appears elderly until the effects of the wizening tempest end temporal fugue minor at-will by moving backward and forward in time a phane can remove one effect afflicting it alignment unaligned languages supernal str 24 20 dex 30 23 wis 25 20 con 23 19 int 28 22 cha 22 19 ing bite and tail slap until bloodied then using frenzy not one to conserve its power the tarrasque spends its action points in the opening rounds of combat to make additional attacks tarrasque lore a character knows the following information with a successful arcana check dc 25 the tarrasque is a living engine of destruction created by the primordials to obliterate the works of the gods it sleeps within the world s core stirring occasionally when it wakes it burrows up to the surface and begins a continentwide rampage dc 30 the tarrasque is inexorably bound to the world such that the most one can hope for is to lay the creature to rest forcing it to sleep within the world s core for many years before it stirs again however ancient texts postulate that the tarrasque could be destroyed permanently were it somehow coaxed or tricked into leaving the world tarrasque level 30 solo brute tarrasque a terrifying embodiment of wanton destruction the tarrasque attacks without motivation or purpose unless that purpose is to obliterate all life tarrasque tactics the tarrasque tramples enemies as it wades into battle it uses fury of the tarrasque as often as it can alternating between rend arnie swekel gargantuan elemental magical beast xp 95,000 initiative +23 senses perception +19 blindsight 20 earthbinding aura 40 any flying creature in the aura has its fly speed reduced to 1 and maximum altitude reduced to 20 feet putting it within the tarrasque s reach any creature above this altitude at the end of its turn falls to an altitude of 20 feet automatically hp 1,420 bloodied 710 ac 43 fortitude 49 reflex 38 will 32 immune charm fear resist 10 to all damage saving throws +5 speed 8 burrow 8 climb 8 action points 2 elder of annihilation the tarrasque s attacks ignore all resistances m bite standard at-will reach 3 +34 vs ac 1d12 16 damage and ongoing 15 damage save ends m fury of the tarrasque standard can t use while bloodied recharge the tarrasque makes a bite attack and one of the following attacks rending bite reach 3 +34 vs ac 3d12 16 damage plus the target takes a 5 penalty to ac until the end of the tarrasque s next turn tail slap reach 3 cannot use against the same target it attacked with its bite +32 vs fortitude 3d12 16 damage plus the target is pushed 4 squares and knocked prone m trample standard at-will the tarrasque can move up to its speed and enter enemies spaces this movement provokes opportunity attacks and the tarrasque must end its move in an unoccupied space when it enters an enemy s space the tarrasque makes a trample attack +33 vs reflex 1d12 16 damage and the target is knocked prone c frenzy standard usable only while bloodied at-will close burst 3 the tarrasque makes a bite attack against each creature within the burst eternal slumber when the tarrasque is reduced to 0 hit points it sinks back into the world s core and slumbers once again alignment unaligned languages str 42 31 dex 26 23 wis 18 19 con 36 28 int 3 11 cha 7 13 abomin at i o n 13 [close] . 9 an aboleth overseer and its aboleth servitors dc 30 sometimes aboleths live together as a brood or even in a collection of broods aboleth overseers also populate their lairs with humanoids that they ve enslaved and transformed into slimy minions aboleth servitor tactics the servitor remains within 10 squares of its aboleth master and exists only to protect its master from harm encounter groups aboleth servitor a humanoid is transformed into an aboleth servitor by way of a ritual when a creature transforms into an aboleth servitor its skin becomes a clear slimy membrane that allows it to swim and breathe in water kuo-toas serve aboleths willingly but powerful aboleths also fashion servitors from dominated and defeated foes level 17 encounter xp 7,950 1 aboleth slime mage level 17 artillery 2 aboleth lashers level 17 brute 9 kuo-toa guards level 16 minion level 18 encounter xp 10,200 1 aboleth overseer level 18 controller 1 nabassu gargoyle level 18 lurker 1 savage minotaur level 16 brute 8 aboleth servitors level 16 minion aboleth servitor level 16 minion medium aberrant humanoid aquatic xp 350 initiative +10 senses perception +8 darkvision hp 1 a missed attack never damages a minion ac 30 fortitude 28 reflex 23 will 21 speed 6 swim 6 m slam standard at-will +19 vs ac 7 damage aboleth devotion an aboleth servitor gains a +2 bonus to attack rolls against enemies in an aboleth s mucus haze aura if an aboleth servitor is ever more than 10 squares from its aboleth master the servitor becomes dazed weakened and immobilized until its master moves within 10 squares of it alignment unaligned languages common str 24 15 dex 15 10 wis 10 8 con 20 13 int 10 8 cha 10 8 fr ancis tsai abol et h 9 [close] . 6 role a monster s role describes its preferred combat tactics much as a character class s role suggests tactics for pcs monster roles are artillery brute controller lurker skirmisher and soldier these roles are discussed in the dungeon master s guide a monster might have the leader keyword in parentheses indicating that it grants some sort of boon to its allies in combat such as a beneficial aura if the monster s name doesn t include its race the race is added after the monster s type and keywords for example the snaketongue assassin is categorized as a medium natural humanoid shapechanger human experience points xp this entry gives the experience point award for defeating the monster size origin and type each monster has a size origin and type listed in that order some monsters also have one or more keywords in parentheses senses every monster has a perception check modifier some monsters also have special senses that allow them to detect enemies in unusual situations such as darkvision or tremorsense these are defined in the glossary size a monster s size determines the space it occupies as well as its reach monster size tiny small medium large huge gargantuan space 11 11 22 33 4 4 or larger reach 0 1 1 1 long or 2 tall 2 long or 3 tall 3 long or 4 tall initiative the monster s initiative modifier appears here aura an aura is a passive ability that takes effect when another creature comes within a certain distance of the monster not all monsters have auras for more information on auras see the glossary space this is the number of squares the creature occupies on the battle grid tiny creatures have no space entry because they work a little differently four tiny creatures can fit in a single square reach large huge and gargantuan creatures often have exceptional reach and can attack enemies that are not adjacent to them a creature s reach depends in part on whether it has a tall form standing upright or a long form that is oriented lengthwise tall creatures often reach farther than long ones a creature s reach is built into its melee powers a tiny creature has 0 reach it cannot attack outside its own space a creature with reach greater than 1 still can t make opportunity attacks against nonadjacent creatures unless it has threatening reach see page 283 hit points hp damage a monster takes is subtracted from its hit points hp the monster s total hit points bloodied half the monster s total hit points if the monster s current hit points are equal to or less than this value the monster is considered bloodied defenses this line of the monster s statistics block lists the monster s armor class ac and its fortitude reflex and will defenses immune/resist vulnerable this line appears if certain attacks have reduced or increased effects against the monster origin a monster s origin summarizes its place in the d&d cosmology origins are aberrant elemental fey immortal natural and shadow these terms are defined in the glossary saving throws if the monster has a bonus to saving throws that entry appears above its speed entry type a creature s type summarizes some basic things about its appearance and behavior types are animate beast humanoid and magical beast these terms are defined in the glossary speed this is the number of squares the monster can move with a single move action alternative movement modes such as fly climb or swim are listed as well keywords some monsters have keywords that further define them these keywords represent groups of monsters such as angel demon devil dragon and undead others indicate that a creature is made up of or strongly linked to a certain type of elemental force air cold earth fire or water monsters can have more than one keyword action points elite and solo monsters have action points they can use to take extra actions just as pcs do if a monster has action points it is noted here unlike pcs a monster can spend more than one action point in a single encounter but like pcs they can t spend one in a surprise round 6 [close] . p. p. p.

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